Older than the wired and wireless question, people have been asking about the benefits of IP CCTV systems over that of traditional BNC systems for quite a while now. With each new system released there seems to be more and more arguments for each type. Everyone will have their own view as well so most answers will be slanted towards a persons own general preference. So what is our view on this? The main issue with a 'simple' answer is that it really depends on the use of the system and if it will be replacing a current system or if there is existing wiring tht can be used.

A lot of the time the cost of a system will determine which of these systems will be installed. In general IP CCTV systems do cost more than their HD Analogue counterparts but this doesn't tell the whole story. If there were already network cables in place would it not cost more to run BNC cables around a building?

HD Analogue BNC Camera

On the subject of running cables, even on a new install where there are no existing wires, is it feasible to run 16 cables from your DVR to different points around the building? Some people like to be able to view their cctv cameras on a big screen in their living room, can you imagine 16 bnc cables coming into the room? With an IP system you could have all the cameras running back to a central switch somewhere else and just run the one cable back to the recorder.

There are also constraints in using point to point wireless networks with HD Analogue systems as apposed to IP systems where the signal is already in a digital format. IP Cameras can also be powered by POE, HD Analogue cameras will need a separate power cable, unless it's a POC camera or if you use baluns.

IP CCTV Camera and connector

Traditionally IP CCTV had the highest resolutions and was able to achieve 4K resolutions earlier than its HD analogue counterparts. But technology has progressed and even though you can still get much higher resolution on IP CCTV, HD Analogue systems can record at up to 4k resolution and that is something that is more than adequate for most home systems.

HD Analogue technology is catching up with IP. You can now run power over a BNC cable to power your camera, transmit audio from a built-in microphone over a single coaxial cable or even send alarm signals down the same cable as the video signal. The latest HD Analogue recorders also have the face detection and tripwire intelligent features. This may not be as many as the IP systems offer but you are paying only a fraction of the price.

There are no clear 'better' systems nowadays, it is really dependant on what your requirements are. You can easily get 4k recording on both systems and for many small businesses and residential installations this would be more than adequate.

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