Welcome to CCTV Outlet

We are an authrorised SPRO dealer and specialise in high definition and IP CCTV equipment for homes and businesses. We aim to provide easy to setup systems to minimise the time and stress it could take when installing CCTV systems. Previously CCTV installations were highly specialised, with our range of recorders you don't need extensive networking knowledge and it's simple to setup remote viewing on an Android or Apple mobile phone too.

We have also started selling Dash Cams too. How many times has someone pulled out in front of you at a roundabout and you've had to put the brakes on? With a dash cam that footage would be recorded so if there was an accident the insurance claim would take days rather than months taking out all the stress of going back and forth with the insurance company.

If you encounter any technical issues we have a local technical team here to answer your queries. Send an email to our support address and one of the team will get back to you. No more having to wait weeks for a reply only to be asked for more information.

We frequently update our offers so please make sure you bookmark this page, press Ctrl + d (Windows or Linux), ⌘ + d (Mac) or Share/Menu then Add bookmark on a mobile device.