3 Reasons Why CCTV Can Help Your Business

CCTV has long been a staple in public spaces and now is an important asset for many homes and businesses. CCTV companies began selling through ecommerce to make people feel safer in their homes and premises making them private owners of close-circuit surveillance 

Below we discuss some ways in how CCTV can be beneficial particularly for businesses. 

How many CCTV cameras are there around the UK?


With more people buying security cameras of a wide variety for domestic and business use, the UK now has many privately owned CCTV cameras giving the owners peace of mind.  

In 2013, according to the British Security Industry Authority (BSIA), there was approximately six million cameras. Almost a decade later and with CCTV businesses thriving, the BSIA now estimates that “there are 21.1 million CCTV cameras in the UK” (2022). 

Surprisingly, some businesses have yet to install security cameras. Regardless of the reasons, the Data Protection Act (DPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provide clear guidelines for businesses wanting to install CCTV systems. 

Reasons why CCTV cameras can help your business 

 Reduced crime

Most crimes are attempted when the area is empty. Security cameras and signs showing active CCTV can be used to deter criminals or intruders. Placing the cameras so they are visible can reduce the chance of any type of crime or intruder because they wouldn’t want their identity to be caught. You can also get cameras with specific features such as Active Deterrence cameras, or LED cameras.  

The College of Policing stated in an article that “crime was found to have decreased by 13% in places with CCTV compared to those without”. Read more of this article here: College of Policing - CCTV 

Increase in staff safety 

A way of ensuring staff and visitors are secure on your premises, is to install CCTV cameras in: 

  • Corridors 
  • Back entrances 
  • Warehouses  
  • Parking lots  

Especially for night workers and for quiet times of the day. Making sure your staff are in a safe and reliable work environment should be important to you and your business. It also gives you an opportunity to make sure uninvited guests have not sneaked into the building or even to check if everyone has exited the building during emergencies such as a fire.  

Peace of Mind 

CCTV gives you a lot of benefits, whether you’re managing multiple locations or simply want to ensure the premises are secure during the holidays. When you’re away from your premises, you can always rely on being able to have a live feed on your phone or monitor. You always have proof if a situation appears and knowing this can help reduce stress.   

In summary, these three reasons are a huge example of why to consider investing in a system. It will protect your business and ensure a secure environment for everyone involved in the long term.  

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