What is Smart Dual Illumination?

Smart Dual Illumination works with one Infrared light and one LED light.

If you’ve seen the SPRO cameras on our website, you may have noticed cameras with one lens and extra chambers that look like lightbulbs. These are for the ColourNight 2.0 and Active Deterrence range of cameras, and these come with smart dual illumination.


But how does Smart Dual Illumination work?

Firstly, you’ll need to know how Infrared works. If you’re not sure how Infrared works, have a read of this:

Infrared is built-in most CCTV cameras; this helps them see in the dark. A technical explanation is that when it becomes dark, the camera’s infrared kicks in and starts to bounce its rays around. These rays will bounce off objects and humans, back to the lens which is caught by the camera, showing a black and white image. Of course, we can’t see these rays with the naked eye, but we can sometimes detect them as heat.

Enhanced security with the 4MP IP SPRO - Vandal Resistant CCTV Camera with 30m IR.

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Now that we’re all caught up, how does infrared work with Smart Dual Illumination? When a person is detected, it will turn on the white light LED and a colour image will be seen. One of the little chambers is a LED. When the infrared bounces and catches a movement, this will tell the LED. The LED will switch on and a colour image will be seen.

And there you have it, Smart Dual Illumination.


ColourNight is SPRO’s range of colour picture cameras. Most cameras record with IR (Infrared) which shows a black and white picture. With ColourNight instead of infrared, you have a white light LED which is on all night to provide a colour image 24/7.

With ColourNight 2.0, you have both infrared and white light LEDs so it will be in black and white when nothing is happening but then the white light LED will come on when a person or vehicle is detected.

Alternatively, these cameras can also be set to infrared only or white light only too so they can fit any scenario. There is a large range of Colournight and Colournight 2.0 cameras on CCTV Outlet both IP and Analogue ready to be installed. Have a browse on our website at CCTV Outlet.

Learn more about infrared with NASA here: Infrared Waves.

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