Going away on holiday this summer and worried about your property? Why not try one of our CCTV Kits, with free software for your smartphone or tablet you can view your CCTV system anywhere where there is a network connection (data roaming charges are dependant on your network provider). The software is simple to set up, once your system is installed simply scan a QR code to download the software on your smartphone then scan another QR code to enter all the settings.

Each CCTV bundle kit comes with a recording unit, hard drive, cameras and premade cables for each camera. Each camera is suitable for indoor or outdoor use with built in infra-red for night-vision.

The setup is straight-forward, connect the recorder to a monitor or TV screen then connect each camera to the recording unit using the supplied premade cables; the non-IP CCTV kits will also have a power supply, this can be attached on the recorder end of the cable run. All our bundle kits are simple plug and play systems.  Note: to view your system online you will need to connect the recorder to a router using a network cable, this is not included in the bundle kit.