CCTV Outlet Company profile

Company profile

Established in 2007 CCTV Outlet is a leading reseller of CCTV products. We have forged great relationships with our suppliers during this time and have a team of expertly trained support staff who can guide you through any setup issues.

We are always striving to provide the highest quality products at an affordable price and we always aim to provide a quality aftersales service. Should you have any issues with the setup of your system please drop us an email and we’ll have one of our technicians contact you.  

Our Products

We are an Authorised SPRO Reseller meaning that we have the support and backing of one of the biggest CCTV brands in the UK. The SPRO range covers CCTV products, Door Entry and also car dash cams. You can find SPRO CCTV products installed all across the UK and Ireland from small residential premises to large office complexes and even fast food outlets. So if you're looking for a new CCTV System or just an upgrade to your CCTV security cameras why not have a look at our product pages to see what we can offer.