Combining tradition with modern innovation in one doorbell camera

The recent surge in doorbell cameras sold in the UK has sparked intense competition between innovative young companies and established brands that have been creating products for generations.  

With the demand in new tech products and features, well-established companies such as Philips and Yale, who have been trusted and followed by customers for generations, are being challenged by younger and upcoming companies like Ring and Arlo, who have revolutionised the market with the doorbell camera. 

With so many choices across a wide range of brands, how will you ever choose the right one? And with the rapid development of new tech features, how can you be sure it suits your practical needs?   

Most brands are trustworthy and easy to use, however what about the extra costs that come with the products? For example, software updates, charging time and storage facilities. 

At CCTV Outlet, we currently sell a large range of CCTV products, including the SPRO Doorbell.   

The SPRO Doorbell is designed to look sleek and modern while being waterproof with a great camera resolution. This doorbell can be fitted standalone to be viewed on your phone whenever you like, but did you know it can be connected to an SPRO CCTV system?  

If you already have SPRO cameras or recorders, this doorbell can be integrated with your security system so you can view all your CCTV cameras in one place and the design is especially helpful when you want a camera at an entrance but are worried a CCTV camera will look too intrusive.  

What’s more, you do not need to pay for a monthly subscription, as it’s a one-off cost with no surprise “upgrade to handle storage” bills. You also don’t need to worry about charging time, as it’s hardwired to a power source. The doorbell will be recorded locally on your recorder’s hard drive, meaning you can save any recordings you want on your mobile device or computer without worrying about your recorder’s storage becoming full.  

Sit back and relax to this ASMR SPRO Doorbell unboxing video, giving you a real-life view of the size and quality of the product.  

* The actual resolution of this video may have been scaled down due to screen size and streaming quality.

The doorbell can also be connected to the SPRO touch screen monitor which you can install anywhere inside your home or property. This 7” touch screen monitor is compatible with standard Power-over-Ethernet making it convenient for power transmission. 

View the products here for more information including a great value kit. 

SPRO Doorbell

SPRO 7" Touch Screen Monitor

SPRO ColourNight Camera & Doorbell Kit


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