Buying Checklist

So you’ve read various buying guides and installation guide but what do you actually need to install a system? Below is a checklist for what you need for a standard HD CCTV setup or for an IP CCTV installation. The last section is an 'extras' section, items that aren't needed but would be beneficial. Firstly for the system itself:

Standard HD CCTV System:

DVR Recorder
RG59 Cable
Power Supply
CCTV Camera, DVR, RG59 Cable and Power Supply

IP CCTV System*:

NVR Recorder
Cat5e Cable
16 port POE Switch  (If purchasing a 32 Channel NVR)

* The NVR’s have POE built in so there’s no need for extra power supplies.
IP CCTV Camera, IP NVR, Cat5e Cable


You may also need the following items:

Monitor and VGA/HDMI (and cable) – to view the system
Network cable - if you are looking to connect the system to a router for remote viewing
cable clips - to neaten the cable runs

Monitor, VGA Cable, HDMI Cable, Network Cable, Cable Clips

To simplify your purchase we also sell different CCTV Bundle Kits that have cameras, recorder, power-supply (HD systems only) and cables all in one box.

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