What are Dash Cams

Why purchase a dash cam?

The most immediate answer to this is to prove you’re not at fault in an accident. Have you or someone you know ever been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault? Worse still, has the insurance company declared you to be at fault when someone else was driving erratically? With a dash cam you can copy the footage and send this to the insurance company disproving the claim made against you. It’s not 100% certain but if someone was driving erratically and this was captured on camera then it will go a long way in proving you were not to blame.

Buy a dash cam to: Reduce Claim Time | Prove Fault in an Accident | Protect Against Insurance Fraud | Save on Potential Insurance Premiums as a Result of a Claim | Automatically Record if Your Car is Hit When Parked

Protect yourself from ‘Crash for Cash’ claims

Although it happens a lot more in other countries, there is a trend that is occurring more and more over here. That is some people will purposely cause an accident in order to claim money back off the insurance companies, in fact the BBC News website claims that Birmingham tops the list for ‘crash for cash’ postcode hotspots. This has been happening a lot with people driving their cars into others and feigning back injuries and whiplash, which can’t be easily disproved. One trend that hasn’t picked up so much over here is that people would jump in front of slow moving cars and blame the driver for the accident, even though people do still try it. One woman caught someone jumping onto her car to fake an accident, luckily she had a dash cam recording the whole incident. With a dash cam you would be able to prove if someone jumped in front of your vehicle or drove into you on purpose.


SPRO DC-100 1080P Dash Cam

Save Money On Your Insurance

There has been a big shift with insurance companies accepting Dash Cam footage as evidence over the past few years. Now that the majority accept footage there is now a shift beginning with the number of insurance companies that will now provide a discount for users who have these installed in their vehicles. One insurance partner of SPRO is Adrian Flux and they will offer up to 15% off some insurance packages if you have an 1080P Dash Cam fitted to your vehicle. 

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