We are able to offer discounted prices on our CCTV installation service for anyone who purchases a system from us. As each house layout is different and there is no standard place to mount CCTV cameras we are not able provide a “standard” price. Unlike some companies we do not offer a one plan fits all price, we have even seen some companies offer to install a 16 camera system but in the terms and conditions it states that all cameras must have at most 15m of premade cable which in our minds does not seem like enough. If you’re looking to have someone fit a system for you why not give us a call and we can do a free site survey and quote you based on that.

Why 15m may not be enough

15m of cabling might seem like a lot but the cable runs will not be running directly from the DVR/NVR to the cameras. There will be obstacles in the way and you will most probably want the runs to be discreet so that it doesn’t run diagonally across the wall. For smaller systems, up to 2 cameras, and depending on where the DVR or NVR is in relation to the cameras this will probably be fine. We find the majority of people with 4 cameras generally have them spread out around the property so 15m will be very tight. We would imagine a 16 Camera system with all the cameras less than 15m away from the DVR/NVR will have all the cameras along a couple of walls.


Extending Cable Runs

It’s not common practice to extend the runs of existing cables. There are devices that will enable you to ‘repeat’ the signals onto a connecting cable but these require power (the ones that don’t require power tend not to work very well). It would be easier to have the correct cable lengths made at the start. Our technicians will either use any premade cable you have purchased, or run the cables to the exact length required and crimp the ends themselves if the cables you have are not long enough.

Reusing Existing Cables

If you already have CCTV installed but looking to upgrade the system it’s possible that the existing cabling can be reused. In some instances you may only have the option to use a HD system or an IP system, or in some instances you may need to replace the cabling but we can advise you on this. If you are looking to upgrade your system and want to re-use the existing cables please send us a picture of the installed units, preferably with a make and model of each, and also a picture of one end of the cables you are using.


So Why Choose Us For Installation?

We offer some of the easiest to use and simple to install CCTV Systems on the market but we also understand that it’s not feasible for some people to run cables through their property, especially if it involves climbing up ladders or running cables through crawl spaces. We also understand that sometimes people just don’t have the time, so it’s easier and quicker to have someone else install a CCTV System for them in less than half the time it would take for them if they were to do it themselves.

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