People are often misinformed about how important it is to have a reliable CCTV system at your property. Even though we are selling DIY CCTV Kits for people to install we would always recommend having an alarm system first. CCTV is a great deterrent, would be burglars would think twice about breaking into a property with several cameras monitoring each entry point into a property. So why would we recommend getting an alarm system first? Alarms are generally great for preventing a burglary, as soon as someone forces a window or door open an alarm will sound alerting anyone in the vicinity that there is an issue. CCTV on the other hand is better for gathering evidence when a burglary has been attempted.

In some instances some perpetrators will attempt to break into a place with both CCTV and an alarm system. There was a news story on the BBC website that a couple on holiday saw someone break into their house on their CCTV system. In this instance the alarm was not set off straight away, it could be that the person knew roughly where the alarm sensors were?

Smart Search

Even when there hasn’t been any evidence of a break-in, by using the “Smart Search” feature on the majority of our systems you will be able to detect if there has been any movement in a selected region near your property. This means if someone has been peering through a window checking out where the alarm sensors are in your property you will be able to bring up the footage very quickly. What’s more, you can even setup an alert to notify you whenever someone or something crosses an area on your property.


Having a CCTV system will assist in protecting your property but is not a substitute to an alarm siren going off. By reviewing footage regularly you may even find that someone has looked into breaking into your property.