Motion Eye Camera

We have recently added some new cameras to the site. The pick of these is the new Motion Eye camera from SPro. So what's different about this camera? The first thing you are drawn to when you see this camera is its looks, it's not as discreet as an eyeball dome camera yet it's not as imposing as a bullet camera. The design of this camera makes it stand out from other CCTV cameras in the market but it's not its looks that are its main selling point. This camera has a built-in PIR detector that can help eliminate the majority of false alerts that you may get on your phone or email notifications. This means all those times you received a notification when there was strong wind or rain will be cut out, allowing you to accurately identify when there was a person or animal in the vicinity of the camera.

One cable for both Alarm and Video

Normally motion is detected when there is a change on the picture being recorded. Unlike the human brain a CCTV camera or recorder is not able to tell if an object is moving on the screen or if it is glare or light that is changing an image. This could mean that at night a headlight from a car will cause a recorder to believe that there is movement when all that is happening is that the pixels change from the light. Rain can also have a similar effect on the picture, fooling a recorder to believe that there is someone moving around the target area when it is just rain.

A PIR detector bypasses these issues as it is using infrared to detect changes in radiation levels. Without going into too much technical details these detectors are more reliable when looking for motion triggered by a person or something that radiates heat (such as a living creature). This is the reason intruder alarms use PIR detectors and this is also the reason why the Motion Eye cameras have a low false positive rate.
SPro's Motion Eye camera can be mounted indoors or out as it is IP66 rated. The IR distance for viewing at night is 20m whilst the PIR distance is up to 10m giving you decent coverage inside our outside your home. The setup of this camera is also very straight-forward, the one coaxial cable will take the video signal and the PIR alarm signal. For the technically minded this camera will also work over a network cable when using Baluns giving you more options for your installation.

This camera comes in two resolution sizes, 2mp and 4mp, allowing you to get 1080p quality recordings or better. This is also compatible with the following SPro recorders - the 4K (8mp) range, 4k (8mp) with POC Technology range and the 4 channel SPro DHDVR06-B2-A. As with any of the products listed on this site please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.

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