SPRO B4 4K (8MP) - 24 CHANNEL - 5 IN 1 DVR

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4K (8MP) SPRO B4 - 24 CHANNEL - 5 IN 1 DVR with POC Technology

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Model No.: DHDVR24-B4

The SPRO B4 range of DVRs come complete with features that are not found in most common DVRs, in fact there are 6 unique features that come with this DVR:
4k video over co-ax - Record Ultra High Definition resolutions over standard co-ax cables
Power over co-ax - power your cameras directly from your DVR
Audio over co-ax - Record audio over the same cable as your video
Alarm over co-ax - Utilise the benefits of cameras with built-in PIR detectors using the same co-ax cable
PTZ control over co-ax - Control a PTZ with just the one co-ax cable
IP Audio over Cat5e - Capture Audio on an IP camera over the local network

All of the above features will only apply if using a compatible camera, so if you wanted to power your camera from your DVR you would need a POC camera or if you wanted to record audio over the same co-ax cable you would need an Audio Over Co-ax camera.

Connecting cameras couldn't be simpler, just connect your camera to the back of the unit, ensure there is also power going into the camera (either through POC or separately) and a picture will appear. To add an IP camera simply connect the DVR and cameras to a local network and select the search function on the DVR. A list of all the available IP cameras will be displayed, simply click on 'add' to bring the camera into the system. This model has 16 BNC inputs for your co-ax cameras and 8 channels available for IP cameras.

Each unit also has a simple system to connect to a mobile app; just scan a QR code on your mobile device to install the app and then scan another QR Code to copy all the settings to the app. Once connected you can view your cameras whenever you have an internet connection, even if you are abroad.

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24 Channel 4K (8MP) 5 IN 1 DVR

Plug & Play with 4K Recording

Black Line

Record and playback in 4K.
Easy setup for smart phone viewing.


Features for your convenience

High quality features built-in as standard.


Security in the palm of your hand

Accessing your CCTV system remotely couldn’t be easier. Simply download and install our free App and gain access to live viewing or recorded footage from anywhere where there’s a network connection.*

*CCTV system must be connected to the internet Download Icons

No router configuration required for phone/PC viewing**
No need to read a 1,000 page instruction manual to setup
No need to pay extra for the mobile app

**Applies to most modern routers

With three quick steps!

QR Code Steps

Mobile view

Motion detection alert

Have your CCTV system monitor your home and workplace and contact you when there’s movement. Get an image sent by email whenever a motion detected event is triggered. Monitor only specific areas for movement or anywhere within the picture.

Multiple defense zones

Multiple defense zones

Mobile Alert

Scheduled motion detection

In an age where image quality is important storage space plays a vital part in how much can be stored. Rather than recording a static room or view you can set your CCTV system to only record when it detects movement. You can even set your schedule to save footage up to 5 seconds before the motion is detected.


Dual Screen Output

Black Line

This DVR comes with both VGA and HDMI outputs so that you can view on either a VGA monitor or through a HDMI monitor in full HD. You can even use both ports at the same time and view on different screens in different rooms.

Dual screen


UK Standards

UK Standards

All items here are supplied to UK standards

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Components used in this NVR comply with UK standards with CE certification giving you peace of mind.

UK Based company

UK Company, UK Stock
UK Tech Support

Everything is in the UK. No dealing with a technical support team based on the other side of the world. No waiting weeks for your order. We’re a UK business with UK support.

Orders placed before 2:00pm will be dispatched the same day but can take up to 2 days to be delivered depending on the delivery address.