HD Balun

HD Balun (BALUN01-LHD)

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If you're looking to install your cameras using existing CAT5e (ethernet) cables then you will need to use a type of adapter called a balun. A balun will take your BNC connector and convert it so that can be used on the CAT5e cable, on the other end you can use another balun to convert this back to use the BNC adapter.

Baluns are simple to use, all that is required is to connect the corresponding cables into the correct fittings in the balun on both ends of the cable. So if you chose to use the solid green wire on the '+' end on the CCTV camera side, you will need to use the solid green wire on the '+' end on the DVR side too.

The baluns we have here are HD Baluns so will work with any of our HD cameras. These baluns, however, are not designed to work with IP CCTV cameras or NVRs, i.e. you cannot change an IP camera to use a BNC cable with this device. 


  • Up to 200 meters 1080P
  • AHD / TVI & CVI transmission
  • Video transmission
  • Push type wiring

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