4MP Bullet camera VARI-FOCAL with 60M Night vision

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4MP SPRO - Vari-focal CCTV Camera with 60m IR (DHQ40/2713R/60M)

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Model No.: DHQ40/2713R/60M

The DHQ40/2713R/60M CCTV cameras can capture footage at 4MP allowing recording of almost double that of 1080P resolution on a suitable recorder. These cameras are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations, they also have an upgraded 60m IR for better night-vision. 

These cameras output in the CVI format so will work on CVI recorders or multi-format DVRs that can handle 4mp or higher resolution.


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  • Recommended Cable
    Pre made CO-AX cable 
  • Recommended Power Supply
    * Failure to provide the correct power supply can damage the camera.
  • Recommended Balun & Power Connector
    HD BalunPower Connector - FemalePower Connector - Male
  • Recommended Junction Box
    SPRO CCTV Junction Box 01 White


Almost the double resolution and quality compared to 1080P.
Confused? Just look at the image below.

Up to 60M Night Vision with Smart IR

Powerfull 60 Meter Night Vision with Build-in Smart IR.


What is Smart IR?

Smart IR adjusts the intensity of the built in IR lamps to prevent what is known as whiteout. When dark the camera floods an area with IR light that the human eye can't see. The IR light bounces around and illuminates the area and this is how the camera is able to see at night.

If someone or an object was placed in front of the camera all the IR light that was meant for the whole area will be reflected back at the camera. This results in the object or person becoming very bright.

With smart IR the camera will sense that an object is near the foreground and reduce the amount of IR light produced thus lessening the brightness of the image.


Turn and rotate the camera in any direction you want.

Capture the angle you need from whatever mounting position that's requred.
Rotate horizontally, vertically or even spin the camera.

Flexible view Flexible view

Cover a large area with the wide 28˚ until 96˚ degree viewing angle on the 2.7-13mm vari-focal lens cameras. Protect areas such as driveways, entrances, warehouses, large retail stores, front and back gardens.

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