Dash Cam Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

SPRO 1080P Dash Cam
1. What is a dash cam & how does it work?

A dash cam (or car camera) is a video camera that is designed to continuously record the road ahead. These differ to other types of cameras (such as action cameras) as there are many of the functions are unique to monitoring a vehicle.

2. What are the benefits of a dash cam?

There are many benefits of having a dash cam from quicker insurance claims, cheaper car insurance, having solid evidence of involvement in an accident and parking protection are just a few examples. For more information, you can read our "Why Buy a Dash Cam?" to understand more benefits of owning a dash cam.

3. Are you allowed to publicly record dash cam footage?

You will be exempt from the Data Protection Act under Section 36, as all videos are recorded on British public roads. It allows you to record video for your own purposes and even upload videos to YouTube - you do not even have to cover the number plates or faces.

4. Is the footage legally binding?

Although the footage you record isn’t technically legally binding, it is very difficult to refute that something did not occur if it was recorded on a dash cam. There are many examples of video recordings of dash cams used as evidence, and most insurers nowadays will accept dash cam footage in order to speed up a claim.

5. If the car is off, will dash cam run out of battery?

No, most dash cams turn on/off automatically when the cigarette lighter power is on/off. Normally the power of cigarette lighter is based on if the engine is on and it goes off when the engine is switched off. Some models of cars delay the time it takes for the cigarette lighter to turn off after the engine stops. Most dash cams have a built-in battery that allows it to record if there is an accident when the car is parked, providing the option is turned on.

6. Will the dash cam run down my car battery?

No. Most cameras are powered by the vehicle's cigarette port and will turn on and off with the ignition. No power is supplied to the camera when the vehicle is powered down, this does not prevent you from turning the dash cam on manually and running it off battery back-up power.

7. Can I playback the videos on any laptop or desktop computer?

Yes, as long as you install the correct video codecs, you can playback videos on any computer using OSX or Windows. You can play them like any other video file easily, just copy the video files on the SD card to your computer.

8. Can you turn the microphone off?

If you do not want to record audio, most dash cam microphones can be disabled. This is handy if you don’t want people to listen to your singing whilst driving.

9. When the memory cards fill up, do I need to replace it?

No, the dash cam will record until the point that the memory card is full, once full it will overwrite the oldest files. If there has been an incident you are able to lock certain files so that they are not overwritten.

10. Can I use a dash cam in any vehicle?

Yes, basically all the dash cam requires is a power source such as a cigarette lighter port or even a USB port in newer cars. Simply plug the dash cam in and it will begin recording. You can use a dash cam in cars, vans, lorries or any vehicle with an appropriate mounting surface and a power source.

11. Where can I mount my dash cam?

The dash cam should be mounted behind the rear-view mirror, so it will be in the centre of the windshield without blocking the view. This will ensure that it captures the road ahead and the signs on both the left and right sides of the vehicle.

12. Is it easy to install a dash cam?

In most cases, connect the dash cam to the mount, put the suction cup on the windshield, flick the lever (to increase the pressure and strength of the mount) and connect the cable to the cigarette lighter. When the car engine is turned on it will provide power to the camera.

13. How do I know if my dash cam is Powered On/Off?

If the unit is connected to a car, the camera will start automatically when the engine is turned on. When the dash cam is operational, the Blue Status led will illuminate and the SPRO logo will appear. Make sure the camera is connected to the power when in use. If there is no power coming into the unit it could be that the cigarette lighter is not connected properly, in these instances it may be necessary to turn/twist the adapter until there is sufficient connection between the cigarette adapter and the socket.

14. Why doesn’t my Computer recognize my dash cam?

Make sure you connect to your PC / Mac with the cable provided.

15. Why can’t I playback my dash cam videos on my PC or Mac?

If you are unable to playback your recordings, it may be because the media player is outdated. The files recorded are in .MOV file formats so will work with the majority of PC and Mac media players.

16. Do you have a phone number for tech or customer support?

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